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Frequently Asked Questions

Join the collection of

the world’s best vacation homes


Join our collection

of the world’s best

vacation homes

“Plum guests appear to be a cut above the rest.  Plum's attention to detail when onboarding the property has paid dividends later on. The property is accurately described so guests' expectations are always met.”

Richard, Plum Guide Host   £140k earned so far

Hear from happy host, Richard

The majority of our guests are older and more affluent, with an average age of 55 and household income of £140k.

Preferred Guests

How should I choose how much to charge?

Only you can decide how much you would like to charge. If you are unsure, we would recommend looking at similarly sized properties in the area and using these as guidelines.

Who can be a Plum Guide host?

Every home on Plum Guide has been tested by a home critic against 150 different criteria. If your home passes you'll be able to host on Plum Guide.

How much does it cost to list my home?

It is free to list your home on Plum Guide. If your home passes the Plum test our team will build your listing for you and set your home live.

What is the 'test'?

The Plum Test has been formulated by a team of hospitality experts. We test our homes against 150 different criteria and gather more than 500 data points. This gives our guest confidence they will have an exceptional experience. You can find out more about the test here.

Can guests leave reviews?

We invite guests to provide us with feedback on their stay. But this feedback is not published on your listing. Our test is what gives our guests confidence in booking a home with Plum Guide. If feedback is negative we will discuss with you how to improve.

When will I receive payment?

The closest Friday, 24 hours after your guest has checked in.

How do taxes work for hosts?

As tax laws vary from country to country, there are certain situations where the payment you receive will already have had tax deducted. It is important to check the legislation of your country to find out whether this is the case.

How are you different from other platforms like Airbnb?

We specialize in selling to guests who don’t use mainstream platforms to book homestays.

Our guests are more affluent and mature, with an average age of 56. This results higher value bookings with a greater length of stay.

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